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March Python Pune Meetup 2016

March pythonpune meetup was organized at Amazatic Solutions, Spot 18 mall, Jagtap dairy chock, pune. Meetup was very good. At least 50 people attended this meetup. Many people in the meetup were college students, python newbies and some professional people form company.

Meetup was started with Chandan’s talk. He gave brief introduction about meetup, fedora-hubs and vim. After that he came to the Opensource projects and its contribution topic.

After Chandan’s talk Amol Kahat started presentation on Libvirt Programing API.He explain about libvirt API programming and its concepts. It is easy framework to understand.

Main attraction of the meetup was Vim workshop and it was conducted by Dev M. who was works for Persistent. First he gave introduction about vim and explained the difference between vi & vim. After attending his talk people realized the power of vim. They never thought vim was so powerful, but he showed us that. Vim workshop took 2 – 2:5 hrs to complete since it was hands-on workshop. Most of the people were happy about the talk and workshop of Vim. They never new that they can do too many things with Vim. Thank Dev for this wonderful talk and workshop.

Next talk was presented by Dhriti Shikhar. She was college student. She has great knowledge of fedora-infra projects. She gave talk on Fedora-Hubs. Fedora Hubs is like a social network for Fedora contributers. It include projects, code, issues and peoples who working on this projects. It yet to be launched. She gave an awesome talk and links to “How to contribute to Fedora-Hubs?”.

At last Aman from Amazatic Solutions introduces him and about his company. After that Chandan came and spoke about the next meetup topics and contribution on opensource projects. He also introduces to IRC and different channel.

Inspired by Chandan’s talk and Dev also shared his experience about the opensource, when he was speaking people were amazed after he said he was “Biochemical Engineer”. So opensource platform enabled him to get much long way in his carrier.

Thanks Amazatic Solutions for arrangements and attendees for make this meetup successful.