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January Python Pune Meetup 2016

Python Pune meetup have orgnaized a workshop on Python3 on 23rd Jan, 2016 at Red Hat, Pune (India) Office. It was basically aimed for the newbies who want to learn the Python and also for those who wanted to learn the differences between Python2 and Python3.


Kushal Das explained :

He also suggested attendees to start using Linux as their primary Operating Systems, and to start using the irc for raising any queries they face, on particular irc channels.

Here are few references to start learning Python :

  1. Python for you and me
  2. Learn Python The Hard Way

Reference for using irc :

Sayan took some hands-on with Python3.He gave some problems to solve like :

Finally some F23 dvds were distributed to the attendees and further disscussion for the next meetup was carried on. It was the first meetup for the year 2016 and was concluded with very good feed back from attendees.

Thank you Red Hat for supporting us with orgainzing such an awsome event!