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Pune Pythonistas and their discussions and events.

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November Python Pune Meetup 2015

November Python Pune meetup 2015 was organized at Red Hat, Pune (India) on 29th Nov, 2015.

The theme of this month meetup was “Test, Build and Deploy your python projects”.

The meetup started with the first workshop “Package your python code using setuptools and wheels”, where Chandan Kumar talked about:

For more information, check python packaging website.

The second workshop “Python testing using Mock and PyTest” was given by Suraj Deshmukh.

He covered:

Here is the Slide link for “Python testing using Mock and PyTest”

Then we have a long discussion between the attendees on different topics by sharing their problems and field of expertise.

And, the last workshop “Deploying a flask application on OpenShift” was taken by Abhijeet Kasurde.

He had given a hands-on workshop on:

Here is the slide link for “Deploying a flask application on OpenShift”

Thanks to Red Hat, Speakers and Volunteers for making the event successful.