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October Python Pune Meetup 2015

October Python Pune meetup 2015 was organized on 17th Oct, 2015 at Red Hat, Pune (India) Office. The agenda of the meetup was “Code Reading/Debugging”.

Chandan Kumar talked about “Read other’s code”. He explained:

Here is the slide link to Read others code.

Praveen Kumar talked about “PDB - Life Saver”. He covered:

Here is the slide link to PDB - Life Saver.

Sourav Singh talked about “Galaxy for Genomic Data Science”. He talked about:

Slides link to Galaxy for Genomic Data Science.

And Abhijeet Kasurde talked about “how to contribute to Virt-Manager”. He explained:

Slides link to How to contribute to Virt-Manager.

As a part of Module of the Month, Suraj talked about flake8 module, and how it different from pep8 and pylint.

Finally, the meetup ended with a good feedback. Thanks to Red Hat and speakers for supporting us in organizing meetup.