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September Python Pune Meetup 2015

PythonPune September meetup was conducted at Walnut on 26th September.

Meetup started with workshop on IPython-Notebook by me. I explained what IPython and IPython notebook are, the basic layout and usage of notebook, architecture of IPython, various basic usages of IPython, features of IPython, additional things that default python interpreter does not provide, etc.

IPython-Notebook by Suraj Deshmukh

Further also discussed how IPython has been transformed into a language agnostic tool and now is renamed as Jupyter. The workshop was from Programmer’s perspective, IPython Notebook as a learning, documentation and teaching tool, rather than a Data scientist perspective(Data scientist exclusively use IPython-Notebook for graphical and visual representation).

Then was short talk by Chandan Kumar on Stay Updated with python programming Language. He explained solution to a problem which every Python programmer has faced, as a matter of fact every programmer has faced this issue, when you learn any language you are transitioning from beginner to intermediate to advanced, at every stage what should you do to go to next higher stage? He mentioned books to read, places to ask questions, python related video tutorials, importance of meetups and conferences and contributing to open source projects.

At last was a talk cum demo by Girish Joshi on Internet of things using Raspberry Pi. He talked about what Raspberry Pi is, what board he has. Also he explained its default stack of programming is now in python. Further he demoed controlling Raspberry Pi using RF remote controller and various applications he built around it.

Finally we had a group photo, some discussion of upcoming Pycon India 2015. Finally thanks to Aditya Laghate and folks at Walnut for hosting this meetup. Thanks to those who attended the meetup and helped keeping the encouragement in the community.