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Pune Pythonistas and their discussions and events.

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August Python Pune Meetup 2015

PythonPune successfully completed 9th iteration of meetup on 29th August, since its reboot in December 2014. August month meetup was held at Amazatic Solutions, Pune.

Meetup started with introduction of PythonPune community by Chandan Kumar. Also he talked about upcoming events that are gonna happen in Python India community like upcoming Pycon India 2015 is the next big event.

Then I conducted workshop on Scapy. I started with what Scapy is and how its flexible relative to other networking tools. And then it was a hands on session.

The basic commands of Scapy, how to craft a packet, how to send them & get responses, ping & traceroute using Scapy, sniff networking card, etc was covered. Here is the ipython notebook of the presentation and following is the presentation

Scapy from Suraj Deshmukh

Next was a talk from Dhriti Shikhar on How I started contributing to Fedora-infra. She talked about the Fedora-infrastructural project called Pagure.

She started with the explanation of the project, what it is, how it is being implemented, similarities between Pagure and Github. Then she explained how one can get started with Fedora-infra projects. After that she shown how one can contribute to Pagure by doing a demonstration of solving a bug and sending a pull request. Following is her presentation

Getting started with fedora infra from Dhriti Shikhar

Finally was a talk from Anshul Behl on Creating your own test libraries for robot framework. He took a simple Flask webapp and shown how test cases are written using RobotFramework. Further in the demo he shown how easy it is for someone who knows your project but not to technical level to write test cases for your app.

And how its so human readable, that you type simple English format to write test cases in Robot. Also generating test reports in a nice web dashboard. Here is the link to the git repo he used.

At last was a general discussion about upcoming meetup and what all improvements could be made to the meetup the way it is held. Then there was announcement from Chandan about the upcoming meetup which is gonna be a mix of Workshop and Developer’s sprint, so it involves how to get involved in project like Kuma, which powers Mozilla Developer Network. Date is yet to be announced so stay tuned to the PythonPune Mailing list.

So finally thank you Amazatic solutions for hosting this meetup at your place, it was amazing. Thanks Chandan for maintaining this zeal in the community and driving it forward, thanks Aman and other folks from Amazatic you were so helpful. Thanks all the guys for attending this meetup.