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May Python Pune meetup 2015

We hosted May Python Pune meetup 2015 at John Deere India Pvt. Ltd., Pune (India) on 30th May, 2015. About 35 people attended the meetup. It had started around 10:45 A.M. with flask workshop by Ankit Rana. He started with How a general web framework works, followed by:

To explain these above things,he had created a simple zomato app showing some restaurants and their menu items. Here is the code and slide link. During the workshop, Kushal Das explained the doubts of attendees related to flask and if name == ‘main’:

Around 12:50 P.M., Narendra Petkar presented a talk on robotframework (generic test automation framework) written in Python. He started with :

To explain it, he had created a test scenario where the test can open Firefox, open an url and search for unable to connect keyword. Here is the code link.

After a short break, we again started with Excel Made Easy with Python using Pandas by Sudarshan Gadhave. He started with basics of python, followed by introduction to pandas, then he had taken a excel data set of Titanic Passengers to perform operations using pandas like reading an excel file, taking out specific data and representing it, perform selection on those data based on column names, filtering it and adding a new column. He also explained how we can join two excel files and how to plots graphs based on extracted data.

Finally, the meetup ended by 02:30 P.M. We planned to continue the flask workshop in next meetup and with some more new awesome talks.

Thanks to John Deere India Pvt. Ltd and Sudarshan Gadhave for the venue and event hosting and also to speakers and attendees for making the event successful.

Here is the group photo from meetup. Stay tuned to Python Pune mailing list for the next meetup announcement.