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Pune Pythonistas and their discussions and events.

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Kickoff Meeting December 7th, 2012

Meeting Notes for kickoff meeting on 7/12

The December 7th meetup was attended by a healthy crowd of 20+ member and students of SICSR.

Topics Of Discussion:

Although Dec 7th meetup was the 3rd meetup of it’s kind held by the pune python group, it was held after a long period of absence. The meetup started off with a general round of introduction and pleasantries.

The First question was raised by Navin Kabra.
Ques: In a programming language based group’s(like pune-python) meetup what actually is done and how to sustain a group like this?

Saager Mhatre, an active member of Pune java group - said meetups are mainly for knowledge gathering and knowledge sharing purpose, a meetup is a place where like minded people come together and have talks and discussions.
Saager Mhatre pointed out that meeting people is easy but convincing them to give a talk is the challenge. To sustain a group like this and to have it happy and successful, members would have to share the burden of being mediators and coordinators.

Based on this, a general motion was raised to decide

1. Activities the group would organize:

		<td>Haridas N, Munjusha, Ramkey Despande, Kushal Das (any other 
		members are always welcome to join the list)</td>
		<td>Python introduction and tutorials: These are a series of 
			Python tutorials and introductory talk for the python 
			beginners and fresher </td>
		<td>Navin Kabra</td>
		<td>Half an hours talk on various topics of interest discussed
			in python blogosphere, mailing lists, reddit etc. 
			Perhaps 5 mins each on 5 posts</td>
		<td>Jaidev Deshpande</td>
		<td>Various topics related to numpy/scipy etc.</td>
		<td>Dhananjay Nene</td>
		<td>Volunteered to conduct talks every few meetups. 
			When asked for candidate talks mentioned, metaprogramming and 
			celery as possible topics</td>
		<td>_No volunteers yet_</td>
		<td>Test Driven Development(TDD). </td>
+ _Fixed goals_: The objective of this hackathon will be to collaborate and 
complete one mini project at the end of the day
+ _Free project_: Small groups of two to four would pick topics of their 
choice to work on. The venue would be organized by the user group.
+ _Bug bash_: Take a open source project or library and solve as many 
bugs as possible

Date, time and infrastructure will be discussed in the mailing list. 
Dhananjay Nene and Saager Mhatre have volunteered to try and organise at least one
Dhananjay Nene raised a motion to have a one whole day Python bash in the month of March. 
The motion was accepted by the group present and further discussions would be carried out on an email thread.
Satyajit Ranjeev raised a motion to provide mentorship to the needing students. 
The whole group are requested to volunteer for this.
Shezad Aibara raised a motion to provide internship to the final year students. 
The motion is kept open and left for further discussion on the mailing list.
Shezad Aibara raised a motion to have major Github/Git based projects 
under the banner of Python startup. The motion was accepted by 
the group present and two projects were also suggested
+ Pune Python website:  lead by Dhananjay Nene and Palak Mathur
+ Online Directory of major-minor start-up companies lead by Navin Kabra

By vote of Popularity :) **Satyajit Ranjeev** was
appointed as the coordinator of meetup for the Pune Python group.

2. Job Posting and Moderations on the google group:

Dhananjay Nene raised the matter of job postings in the group. After much discussion it was decided that job postings will continue to be not allowed on the google group. Another matter discussed was whether posts of non python nature (especially for pune events etc.) should be allowed. It was again decided to continue with the policy that the posts should have some relevance to python.

For convenience in moderation it was decided that, if a email is sent to any of the moderators suggesting that the sender will respect that policy than that member settings will be changed to allow posts to be unmoderated. This was primarily done due to prior experience where people often do not remember the policy or are not aware of it and otherwise active participants post topics that are not consistent with the posting policy. The Nature of the email and process of submission is still open for discussion on the mailing list.

As requested by Dhananjay Nene the number of moderator have been increased, from now onwards Sushrut Bidwai, Mandar Vaze and Aditya Laghate are the new moderators of the Group.

3. Regularity and next date of meetup

A general motion was raised stating how often and the next time the group should meet?
It was decided that the group will meet every month and the meetup up will happen tentatively on a thursday in the third week of the month. This is still open for discussion on the mailing list as there are members who prefer weekends.

4. Mailing List or Google Group.

Satyajit Ranjeev had raised a motion to convert the google group to simply a mailing list, citing fears of a possible shutdown of google groups by Google Inc. The motion was rejected by the group or say indefinitely postponed stating we’ll cross this bridge when we get there. we will continue with the current pythonpune google group.

5. Separate student stream.

A general motion was raised to have a separate stream of events for students and freshers. The motion was accepted by the group. Events and talks for students will be held on the same day but one hour prior to the appointed times.

6. Sponsership

If anyone is willing to sponsor membership of for the pune-python group please contact Satyajit Ranjeev


All in all the Dec-7 meetup was a great success. The response was overwhelming and enthusiasm shown by the community, for the community was immense. Hope this continues. lets make the pune python group one of the best in the country