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February Python Pune Meetup 2016

February Python Pune meetup 2016 was organized at Red Hat, Pune (India) on 20th feb, 2016.

On 20-Feb-2016 an Event i.e devsprint#1 was organized by our #Python-Pune meetup group. It was my first opportunity to attend Dev Sprint python Pune meetup.

I was attended as a member of Python-Pune Group. Before we go to Dev sprint meetup. we had suggested to choose one open source topic on which we had to contribute.

At the very beginning of this dev sprint, Mr. Chandan Kumar explained about getting started with the #OpenSource contributions and how one should find the projects of his/her own choice.

All we new commer were facing the problem to choose our interest project. It was getting difficult for us to start the #OpenSource contribution. So, our mentor Mr. Chandan & Mr. Sayan helped us how to find the project in open source and how to provide our contribution on that.

I have chosen ‘OpenStack’ project for contribution but I was bit confused which topic should I choose in ‘OpenStack’ because OpenStack has multiple modules for eg Nova, Cinder, Keystone ,Heat, Horizon, Glance etc. Then Mr. Sayan guided to how to select the topic of your interest. As per his suggestion I had selected Keystone module in ‘Openstack’.In which I have to provide unit testing for the Keystone Module.

During this dev sprint event, I got to know how one could select the topic and provide his/her contribution on open source world. As in Open source project we can send patches like to fix bug and also we can provide some suggestion on topics.

It was really nice experience for me to attend this meetup and I learned lot of new thing about open source world.